Festa del Prosciutto di Sauris

Chancing upon a sagra is especially bound to happen during the summer months as there is no better period in the year to have a large number of people in attendance. This one, in the town of Sauris (not far from the Austrian border), introduced us to yet another locally made prosciutto that we’ve never heard of. At only 3,50€, trays of these were flying out faster than Porky Pig on two wheels. Add a cup of the local brew and you’re set for a fun day out.

Prosciutto di Sauris

“Or I’ll huff and I’ll puff till I blow your house in”. I burst out laughing when I saw this delivery van. One of the main producers of Sauris prosciutto is the company Wolf. Why of course!

Prosciutto di Sauris


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