Paradiso dei Golosi – Paradise of the Greedy (ones)

maddie_eating_gelatoChocolate gelato croissandwich. Oh the nerve! To end Friuli on a sweet note, I saved this for last. Paradiso dei Golosi is the ultimate breakfast hangout. Part gelateria, pastry shop, snackbar and pizza joint, this promised land of calories served some of the best gelato that I’ve had anywhere. And it was cheap! 80 cents for one generous scoop, twice the amount for a double. After being gouged at the hotel for coffee and a basket of toast at 5 euros each, we needed an alternative. This is what we found – fresh croissant filled with gelato of choice for about 1.50€. Huge, jam-filled krapfen (donuts), 70 cents. Cappuccino for 1.30. Breakfasts totaled to no more than 5 euros for both of us so we visited each day that they were open. If you’re a purist, no one is going to scoff at your plain pastry! Of course I asked for my donut to be sliced and filled with custard (does a little dance in chair). Heck, who diets on vacation anyway? Certainly not Maddie. She ate cantaloupe gelato and practically yanked it out of my husband’s hand after her teeth got a grip on the cone.

No other words needed to decribe this location which has lots of covered, outdoor seating and employs some of the friendliest workers I’ve ever met. McDonald’s does Egg McMuffins. Italy does gelato and croissants (here it’s called a brioche). If you’re traveling to Friuli, make a run to this paradise.

Day 1 – chocolate gelato and brioche / apricot jam krapfen

Day 2 – vanilla gelato croissandwich

Paradiso dei Golosi, via Musoni 3, San Pietro al Natisone (UDINE)
Hours: 7:30am – 11pm | closed Mondays


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