Lucciola: Glow bug in my trash bag


The other night I noticed a very bright green speck glowing through the plastic of the paper recycles sack and thought, “Damn! We’ve got nuclear waste in there! Dario, what DID you throw into the trash?” (Always blame the husband first). At first we weren’t sure what it was, but soon came to the conclusion that it just had to be a lucciola (loo-choh-lah), or a glow worm/glow bug/whatever. It’s the only other illuminated critter I’ve seen after the fireflies at our previous residence. About an inch in length, it was so ugly that if not for its luminescent qualities, might have ended up like the tiny, brown scorpion that met with a rolled up newspaper last week.

Firefly mating season begins during the early part of summer at ours, so we did the right thing and let her out into the garden to get it on…ehrrr…I meant to get on with it.


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