Kayaking up the Kalihiwai

Kalihiwai Beach

There is nothing like the power of smell to invoke a fond memory. After a quick hailstorm at 4:30 this morning, I opened the windows to the scent of wet air, damp soil and broken leaves, and what immediately came to mind was the Kalihiwai river on Kauai’s north shore. It empties out into a beach by the same name and is usually full of beachgoers and surfers but on the day that this photo was taken, it was practically empty.


And since I’m on the topic of Kauai… Hihiwai (also known as wi) are freshwater snails and here I thought I was all hot n’ stuff for ordering escargot in France. Hihiwai is much better (if you can get it). Another delicacy is opai, also found in freshwater streams hiding in nooks and crannies.



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