Mango mania – Republished

Edit: This post has been republished to include my adjusted version of a mango macadamia mochi recipe from Star Bulletin. With that said, now I won’t lose anymore sleep over this!

Mango mousse pie

Mango season is in full swing and again, I count my blessings for being in a place where I can get them for free! The mango tree at my aunt’s house is overburdened with fruit, and my father gathers a full shopping sack every other day. Neither he nor my aunt knows what type it is, but who cares? The fruit is super juicy and the flavor is sweet with a hint of tang that makes it perfect for eating and cooking. It has got to be my favorite of tropical fruits. Mango’s got mojo.

The dessert above is a mango mousse pie. An absolute no-brainer – mango puree, sugar, gelatin, lemon juice, and sweetened whipped cream – all gently folded into a graham cracker crust. The cornstarch-coated treats below are Mango Macadamia Mochi and I’ve adjusted the original recipe to achieve better flavor and a deeper tangerine hue. At first I was skeptical about making this because the only mango mochi I’ve seen is that frozen mango mochi ice cream product from Mikawaya (great tasting dessert, by the way). As it turned out, this mochi flavor is awesome! Really, both my dad and aunt were surprised at the results. The macnuts give a nice crunch to the usual glutinous texture, and as I’ve stated before, the only tweaking required would be the overall color.

Mango mochi

Mango Macadamia Mochi

3/4 cup mango puree
1/4 cup water
3/4 cup sugar
1 cup Mochiko sweet rice flour
1/2 cup macadamia nuts, small dice
1/2 teaspoon vanilla (opt.)
cornstarch for dusting

1. Combine mango, water, sugar, and mochiko flour in a large glass bowl that will fit easily into your microwave. Stir in the macnuts and vanilla, cover with plastic wrap. Microwave on high for 5-7 minutes* until cooked through.

2. Turn dough onto work surface dusted with cornstarch. When cool enough to handle, shape into 2 long ropes 1-inch in diameter. Pinch off 1-inch portions and shape into balls. Dust lightly with cornstarch and store in a covered container.

*As microwaves will differ among households, the cooking time may vary between models. The trick is to cook the mochi mixture until it is no longer liquid, but not so much that the mix is too firm to handle. After 5 minutes, check the consistency and give it a stir to evenly distribute any pocket areas that are more liquid than others.


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