Filipinos in Hawaii – 100 Years and Beyond

Kauai Filipino Centennial Celebration

This is the first time I’ve been able to attend a grand event honoring the filipinos of Hawaii – a people who immigrated here when sugarcane was KING and hardworking laborors were in high demand. Filipinos were the last of the ethnic groups to arrive on the islands (Chinese being the first), and with them came their many customs, traditions, and of course food! The weather was gorgeous during the whole event – here’s just a few photos taken yesterday.

Filipino streetdance
Parade and dancing in the streets… probably where I got my “party girl” roots.

Filipino streetdancer
Some kind of dancer, fire perhaps? I believe that’s a bamboo stick in his hands.


Lechon: roasted suckling pig. A long queue of customers, jokingly dubbed “The Lechon Line”, waited patiently in the hot sun for this pig to be cut into pieces and served with white rice, pancit, and pinakbet. All for 6 bucks, it was the best deal at the food booths.

Filipino desserts

Filipino sweets and fresh fruit: clockwise beginning from top left.
Mountain apples (very juicy, the flavor reminds me of a cross between a pear and apple), suman (sweet glutinous rice, brown sugar, coconut milk), cascaron (sweet rice flour, grated coconut, brown sugar), and lastly patupat ibanag (sweet glutinous rice, salt, and coconut milk) wrapped and cooked in banana leaves.

One of the filipina dancers, who was more than happy to oblige striking a pose for me.


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