Handstitched bags from Omiyage book

The great thing about having so many diverse ethnicities in Hawaii is the fact that we can borrow on traditional customs (particular to each culture) and practice them as if it were our very own. Omiyage, or the giving of gifts, originates from Japan and is something that no local would dare forget, especially if returning home from a visit to a neighbor island. The gift of choice? Food products, and if it is a well-known item, the more it will be sought after. Kauai Kookies is one such item.

The omiyage of this post, however, was made possible from a crafting book by Kumiko Sudo. She has lots of beautiful ideas for using scraps of fabric and I’ve been handstitching some of her creations during the lull periods at work. Craft Connection, an online fabric discount store, is where I purchased several “asian motif” pieces. The tiny purses above are just the right size for holding a small bottle of perfume, lipstick, or candies and look really cute as an evening wristbag against a little black dress. A good thing that my boss has no problem with my artsyfartsy-ness but I’m betting that one of these days he’ll start calling me the Bag Lady!


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