Big Snow

It almost feels like the arrival of spring with the mountains of white melting away only 2 days after we were hit with the biggest snowfall that I’ve ever witnessed since moving here. The westie who is usually the first out the door when there’s a fresh blanket of the powdery stuff was actually intimidated by the immenseness of it all.

It’s also nice to see how alliances are formed when a situation requires strength in numbers. In this case, out of the 4 owners that live on this 10-unit complex, only 3 of us were out shoveling snow early yesterday morning. The fourth, a man (whom I’ve heard isn’t too talkative) stayed clear until we all headed indoors for a break. Only when one of the neighbors kidded to my husband that we should throw the excess snow onto his car did it occur to me that this is a very small community here. Being part of the social thread not only helps in times of need, it also gets you invited into their homes for coffee!


In the photo below, I finally taught Maddie to ‘keep still’ if she wanted to observe the wild birds that were out feeding on some crumbs. I figured they would be quite hungry after that big snow and thought it was the perfect time to begin forming a friendship with our avian visitors. Hopefully, if Maddie learns to keep her distance, she’ll be able to watch them quietly outside when we put up the birdhouse in the spring. If not, lurking behind window curtains will probably become the next new game around this house.



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