Cenone di San Silvestro

I was going to write something nostalgic for 2005, but with all that’s going on in the kitchen for our Cenone di San Silvestro (Italy’s big new year’s eve dinner), 5 minutes allows me only enough time to upload a photo. Those are sea urchins that I’m holding up and we were almost done cracking them open when I thought it would be a great picture to share.

~ Il Cenone at Casa Castelli ~
Zucchini flan
Salmon carpaccio with lemon and dill
Recco-style focaccia with crescenza and pesto
Onion gelato with smoked swordfish and crispy pancetta

Ligurian corzetti pasta with mushroom sauce
Spaghetti with garlic and sea urchin eggs

Cappon Magro (an opulent vegetable and seafood dish from Liguria)

Chestnut and honey mooncakes
Custard and red berry crostata with pomegranate seeds
Pandoro gelato with chocolate sauce
Pomegranate gelato
Happy New Year!


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