Exploring the Black Forest

The Black Forest. A week in one of Germany’s most beautiful areas and we are reduced to mush. Fresh air, pleasant walks through the woods, incredible scenery, and lots of great food did wonders. And although the english translation for Schwarzwald might conjure up spooky images of dark woods, we experienced none of that under a bright August sun. The color green is everywhere in Germany’s biggest nature park and begs to be enjoyed with a good long walk or some cycling. Several driving routes in the area take in everything from cuckoo clocks (Uhrenstrasse) to asparagus (Spargelstrasse). These routes are identified with a blue dotted line ••••• in Schwarzwald’s regional map#14 (Falk Publishing). It was the wisest purchase made as it helped to identify and place many of the cultural points of interest.

Friendly squirrels at Triberg

We got a kick out of feeding the squirrels and nutcracker birds at Triberg’s waterfalls. They were so tame from the handouts that we had to keep the westie on a tight leash at all times. Getting out on the lake at Titisee in an electric boat was hilarious as Maddie took over as captain of the ship.


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