Le Petit Chien

Oooh… le petit chien! Ooh-la-la, il est mignon! Le bébé! Bonjour petit chien! Au revoir petit chien! Oh my my! It’s a westIE!!!

So much adoration for a messy pile of fur with 2 pointy ears. Everywhere we went, the dog received so much attention that it became a bother to get where we wanted to go. To top it all off, Maddie has a great temperament and loves to be petted and cooed over – she’ll roll onto her back if that means getting a tummy rub. Little children would always be the first to notice her, and young french moms or dads would quietly walk right up and shower the westie with french adulations. Naturally, people from England or Scotland had an equal, if not less exuberant, affection for Maddie. A number of folks would tell us that they have westies back home too.

For the most part, traveling with a pup wasn’t so bad; we’d just put her in the bathroom along with newspapers and absorbent pet mats for the night. The only problem was summer’s extreme heat. With the mercury soaring up to 90+ degrees, we would try to do a little sightseeing before noon then seek cover in a cool environment. I actually had the same idea when the dog suddenly plopped herself down onto the cold stone floor in the wine cellars of Château Monbazillac.


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