Top 5 things we loved about Dordogne

Château de Beynac. It is a definite must-do if in the region. This shot of the Dordogne river was taken from a viewpoint along the outskirts of the castle. Exploring chateau was great (we just did our own thing as the guided tours were only in french). Orienting ourselves with the use of a small pamphlet and map, we walked into the bowels of the castle’s keep, gingerly treading into room upon room of darkened interiors. This place is huge! We inspected worn artifacts, and tickled our nostrils with a lot of DUST. Maddie even played a small role in the whole affair when the french guide teasingly warned his group to beware of the fearsome white lion in their midst!

Eating lots of escargot

Visiting a foie gras farm

Sarlat-la-Canéda. Ideal location to be in the middle of things. The squares and alleys of the old center town buzz with activity, yet is easy and compact enough to navigate. There’s a great range of restaurants for all palates. For a more picturesque setting, the smaller village of les Eyzies-de-Tayac wins my vote.

Cabécou (goat cheese) and gésiers (cooked goose gizzards). Okay so that makes 6 things that we loved about Dordogne. Never thought I’d be eating offal but gizzards in a walnut oil and raspberry vinegar dressing over fresh greens is good enough to write home about.


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