Although I rely on my Italy edition of DK Eyewitness travel guides when it comes to exploring and seeking out the lesser known towns in this country, we still like to pick up magazines that focus on particular regions, attractions, and themes. In the January 2005 issue of Terre di Lombardia, Vigevano is noted as being the town with one of the most beautiful piazze in Italy. Located southwest of Milano, we had the opportunity to see for ourselves why the Piazza Ducale would merit such praise, and it truly is gorgeous.

The areas above the porticos are covered with frescoes, and the duomo which lies at one end of the piazza has an inward curve to it’s facade. Looking down at the unique floor pavement, you’ll see it set with smooth stones that form geometric and celestial designs. Another interesting note is to stand at the opposite end of the duomo and face it – the effect seems as if the piazza is stretching ahead of you…like elastic. For a better perspective, a walk up the Torre del Bramante yields an appreciative view of the entire area.

The piazza was quite empty when we were there, a perfect place for sketch artists or a fine subject to be sketched, as my husband has simply done with this pencil illustration below.


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