Bollito Misto

Mixed boiled meat — A brief description and recipe for the following dish can be found here. I actually don’t have much of an appetite when the weather turns cold, but making this dish atleast once during winter is a must. The aroma that permeates my apartment is incredible as the pot barely simmers on the stove. I eat bollito misto with untraditional sticky white rice (just can’t get away from my island roots).

Mixed boiled meats:  pork sausage, testina*, beef brisket, chicken thigh
Condiments:  (clockwise beginning from bottom left corner)  salsa verde, salsa rossa, dijon mustard, mayonnaise, mostarda**

*Testina refers to the head of a calf, but don’t worry, it doesn’t look anything like what you’d expect.
**Mostarda is a preserved fruit condiment


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