The early bird gets the bread

On the way home this morning, I spied a young boy on a bicycle with two large plastic rectangular baskets attached – one on the front handlebars and the other over the back wheel. My husband said that it was a bread delivery boy. Bread HOME delivery?! Why not just get it at the store? He went on to explain….

“…I remember as a little boy, we had the panettiere in bicicletta (bread deliverymen). Back in those days, fresh bread was an important staple (as it still is) of daily life. To make it easier on their customers, bakeries would offer early morning delivery directly to their homes. No more going to the panificio (breadshop) everyday. It was so funny! The delivery person would be dressed as a baker, complete with a hat, and he could often be heard coming down the lane whistling and singing to himself. The bike would be filled with hot fresh loaves and at each stop, the breadman would either leave a loaf in a basket attached to the main gate or ring the buzzer. Sometimes his noise would wake us up! The best thing I remember about the delivered bread was eating it still warm with some butter and jam with my milk and coffee.”

He added that when his mother could finally afford it, she bought a large freezer and filled it with bread bought in bulk. Oh the joys of modern kitchen appliances!

The key word here is FRESH. Every single day. Some bakery in the islands should hit on the idea, employ it as a marketing tool, and run with it. Next to pizza home delivery, it just doesn’t get fresher than this.


One thought on “The early bird gets the bread

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