No swimming at the lake today

No swimming at the lake today

Happy Easter Monday, or La Pasquetta as we know it here. It’s back to more rain after having enjoyed a sunny Easter, but we’re all set up to laze away the day with the latest Hobbit flic, popcorn and hot dogs (present company excepted). Look at that mug – he’s no Mark Spitz but he will agree to almost anything if doggie treats are involved.

Movie Monday

Buona Pasqua!

Felicia amelloides

After weeks of unbelievably mild and sunny weather, this weekend looks like we’ll finally be seeing some rain. Those weather guys better be right; given the allergens that have been running rampant (and turning me into a puffy, red-eyed freak in these optimum conditions), I won’t care if it pours. From our home to yours, have a beautiful Easter!