Let’s go on the Wasserfallweg!

If you’re in Valle Isarco for the scenery but on a tight schedule, the waterfall trail in Barbiano will give you a bit of everything in a little more than half an hour. We ambled at an easy pace through chestnut groves, farmsteads, and pine forests before reaching the falls, and were treated to utterly stupendous views of the valley and mountain range along the way.

Wasserfallweg in Barbiano
The trail starts right outside Haus Urban (where we were staying).  How cool is that to have a street address named Wasserfallweg or Via delle Cascate!

Wasserfallweg °1
The trail is well marked and goes through beautiful alpine country.

Wasserfallweg °2
Chestnut trees…

Wasserfallweg °3
…but please do not collect the chestnuts, danke! The trees are on private property. At this point you can go left for the lower part of the waterfall (inferiore – 20 minutes) or upper part (superiore – 50 minutes). The upper trail has a steeper climb.

Wasserfallweg °4

Wasserfallweg °6 Wasserfallweg °5
Claimed by a mass of climbing rosebushes, we thought this old farmhouse was vacant until we turned the corner…

Wasserfallweg °7
…to be greeted by this cute little fella and his siblings. They were curious in our presence but a sign in bold print said: Füttern verboten! Sorry, no snack bars for you buddy!

Wasserfallweg °8
Next to the goat pen was a fruit stand selling a punnet of apples for 1€ – honor system style.

Wasserfallweg °9
Again, no gathering chestnuts! From here the trail leads into pine forest, and in a little while you reach the falls.

Wasserfallweg °10

Wasserfallweg °11
It’s possible to do a loop trail via the upper part of the waterfall but that’s for another visit and I know we’ll be back.  Altitude at starting point: 836 meters (2743 feet), and ending point: 1047 meters (3435 feet).

Sunrise for breakfast

Waiting for the sun - 7 am
7 am waiting…

Waiting for the sun - 7:18 am
7:18 am waiting…

Waiting for the sun - 7:33 am
7:33 am Wow! The view each morning from our room in Barbiano.

We’re back from a long weekend in the Eisack Valley (Valle Isarco in italian), wishing that we could have stayed another 2 days. The trip exceeded our expectations on all fronts, from the weather to the hiking trails, to the “Keschtnigl” chestnut festival and naturally, the excellent food! The owner of Haus Urban B&B was a gracious hostess and I’m inclined to think that all went well especially when she suggested that we call her direct if we plan on visiting again.

We knew that being so close to the Austrian border would mean signs written in 2 languages – italian and german – but it just didn’t occur to us that the latter would be spoken primarily everywhere we went. Danke, bitte, auf Wiedersehen… I did myself proud when ordering a plate of schlutzkrapfen (spinach and ricotta-filled ravioli drenched in butter) without batting an eyelid. Ja, we loved vacationing in Alto Adige. More posts to come, auf Wiedersehen!

Haus Urban
Walking back to Haus Urban after the waterfall hike.